What are  delivery times for products that are out of stock ?

Everything is or should usually be in stock with the manufacturer! So if we not have it physically in our warehouse - we can obtain it usually in the given delivery times shown in the products. In cases the manufacturer is really out of stock and we face unexpected delays, the order - in agreement with the buyer - will be cancelled from us and refunded - like stated in our company policies.

What is the warranty on the products?

Of course everything is covered with a full manufacturers warranty not a half warranty or third warranty! Unfortunatly spareparts and wearparts seldom have any other manufacturers warranty except to be not DOA. To be precise - a full warranty not to be dead on arrival ( installation ).

Do you really have all produts in stock that show to be in stock?

Yes what shows to be in stock is also physically available in our warehouse, ready to be shipped after the payment is received for it. Of course it can happen that one or more clients order the same product within the same time, but usually the software recognizes this and first comes first served. For those parts that are often needed like printheads, filters or else - we usually keep enough in stock to avoid any major delays in order processing.

Why are you so expensive?

Actually we are not expensive, the prices you see online are calculated based on our purchase prices, the prepayment and stocking cost, a reasonable margin that covers our labour, taxes and necessary insurances that also need to be paid. Any product you see online that shows stock is usually already prepaid from us to keep liabilities to our suppliers close to zero.

Are your prices stable - or do they vary a lot?

Our prices reflect - like stated above - a proper business calculation. If any of the variables inside the calculation change, our prices may change too but not necessarily. Those changes take place pretty seldom. Mostly they are related to ups and downs in currency exchange rates and even more seldom to real price changes from the manufacturers. Minor changes we buffer anyway. To reach a broad rage of customers during introduction of the onlineshop we might offer some promotional items for everyone and discounted prices. But yet we are not looking forward to have diffrent campaigns every week or month.

Do you offer discounts?

Of course we also offer discounts and special prices for various items. But not for everyone and not all the time. If you like to receive better prices for some of the items you are interested in to purchase, send us an inquiry please. We are happy to support technicans, dealers, freelancers and similar with diffrent prices then an basic enduser - still we understand that everybody, also the basic enduser,  is looking for a reasonable pricing - logically discounts will vary between those groups. Please also respect that not every buyer is equally technically skilled - some need more support, some less, this also reflects the amount of discounts given.

Why you only ship with UPS?

Simple - if you want to be the best - you must work with the best. It´s not worth to save on shipping cost for critical items, that need to arraive in time.

I am looking for products i cannot find online - can you  also supply them.

What you see in the categories is what we have photographed - we have plenty of more parts in stock but they are too seldom needed to justify photographing them all. Also overfilling the onlineshop with thousands of products that are hardly needed makes the shopping experience less enjoyable. For all those items you not see, please use the search function entering the desired items partnumber. Almost any part of the famous brands from largeformat printing is available - but made invisable for the shop on purpose. If you still cannot find it please send us an email.